DYNO Services

Our Roehrig 2VS allows the capability to dyno nearly any type of strut or shock. We have a broad selection of dyno fixtures for various applications. We also have the capability to create new fixtures with our mill and lathe. 

Damper Rebuild

We have extensive experience in servicing nearly all brands of dampers.  Whether you are a professional race team or are just starting out in HPDE's, we have the experience to keep you on track with any service schedule.

Damper Revalve

From simple shim changes to more advanced development projects, we have the capability to modify your dampers to suit your needs. We've engineered valving for customers from HPDE to Professional Racing. 


Track-Side Support - Damper Tuning

Whether it's Autocross, HPDE, Club Racing, or Pro Racing, knowing how to make the right adjustments is crucial to success. We want you to understand how to properly use your dampers, get the most out of yourself, and the most out of your race car. If you are looking for help on a test day, single race event, or a complete season, we can put a package together to fit your needs and your budget. Email us at info@inertialaboratory.com to find out what we can do for you. 


We work closely with the following brands and can service nearly any brand of dampers.